Insolvency, Liquidation & Receivership

Strikovsky &CO represents banks, financial institutions including insurance companies, pension and provident funds as well as commercial corporations and employee groups, in all matters related to receiverships, liquidations, bankruptcies, stays of proceedings, recovery plans, mortgages, assets realization and debt collection.

The Partners of the firm are often appointed as receivers, liquidators and trustees by the Court or by the Chairman of the Execution Office in complex, large-scale cases.

In these capacities, they often execute recovery plans for the companies, examinations of proof of claims, realization of assets and creditor’s rights.

Real Estate and Banking – STR’s extensive experience in complex transactions in real estate and banking fields, provides clients, involved in insolvency proceedings, with the unique integrated legal service related to these areas.

Employees Groups – STR specializes in representing groups of employees of corporations involved in liquidation or receivership proceedings. The firm’s leading expertise in the various insolvency areas together with the Labor and Employment expertise provides the clients with professional comprehensive legal service.

Financial Institutions – The firm represents banks and financial institutions, corporations and individuals which are in the process of receivership and liquidation as plaintiffs and as respondents in all judicial instances in this field. Clients are benefiting from both the vast litigation experience and the multidisciplinary skills of the firms’ team.

Debt Collection – STR also operates a full-service Debt Collection Department, providing state-of-the-art services to its clients, through an online link to the court systems.