Labor & Employment Law

STR provides expertise in all aspects of Labor and Employment Laws. labor law practices, representing clients in labor courts, all instances of judicial courts, Administrative Courts, High Court of Justice, parity committees, and disciplinary courts as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

STR regularly advises clients in all labor law aspects including employment and severance arrangements, executive employment contracts, NDA and non-competition agreements, option plans, retirement agreements, independent contractor agreements, incentive and recovery plans, collective negotiations and agreements legal opinions, dealing with wages deviation before the enforcement unit under the Supervisor of wages in the Ministry of finance, claims of local authorities employees conducted in disciplinary courts and more.

STR provides guidance and advice in all aspects of the Law for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (1998), its implementation in corporations and represents clients in all appropriate addition STR provides ongoing legal advice in matters concerning the Enhancement of Enforcement of Labor Law (2011).

Corporate – STR provides   legal advice and represents clients at each stage of the company business activity including due diligence report and possible implications within a potential IPO or M&A process.

Groups of Employees – STR represents groups of employees of companies, under liquidation and receivership, including the handling of their proof of debt claims. The firm’s clients benefit from a high-quality service due to STR’s considerable experience in Liquidation and Receivership areas, combined with its leading expertise in labor law.

STR’s clients in the Labor Law areas enjoy a multidisciplinary service, based on a wide range of expertise in all practice areas, important to the various aspects of any company’s life cycle.

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