Real Estate

STR offers time-honored experience and specific capabilities in all areas of real estate transactions- from initial examinations through negotiations, representation at the appropriate authorities and financing and banking, through to the completion of the transaction with associated legal and tax implications and solutions.

Strikovsky &CO is involved in complex residential, commercial and industrial real estate transactions, direct land purchases, construction, real purchase estate acquisition, lease, rent, investments and receivership in connection with real estate.

The firm represents buyers, sellers, leasers, developers and investors, companies and individuals, domestic and foreign residents.

Planning and Construction- STR real estate team accompanies clients through the planning and construction process, ( including TAMA 38), securing the parties rights and drawing up the corresponding various agreements .

Financing Real Estate transactions- STR’s experience and knowledge in the banking and finance areas, allows the firm to accompany its clients in the finance process and documentation related to the real estate transactions, including all lending and mortgage matters.

Global Real Estate- STR’s clients benefit from the firm being the Israeli representative of the International Jurists network (IJ). The long-term relationship with the wide range of local law firms, allows STR to accompany its clients in their global real estate transactions with local knowledge and expertise.

The comprehensive and multidisciplinary experience of STR’s legal team in real estate transactions integrated with the firm’s expertise in Commercial Litigation and ADR, Liquidation, Receivership and Banking, benefit our clients in all aspects related to real estate.