Litigation and Dispute Resolutions

Strikovsky & CO Law Firm represents companies and individuals in civil and commercial disputes in all of Israel’s courts and tribunals of law. With expertise in a wide range of legal issues, STR ensures that its clients always receive comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions at every stage of their litigation process.

Extensive Experience – the firm has extensive experience in managing complex legal cases in all courts and instances in diverse fields. These include banking, corporate law, receivership and liquidation, real estate, labor law, commercial disputes, pension funds malpractice and defamation claims. 

Enforcement and Recognition of Foreign Judgements – STR represents overseas clients, individuals and Companies in the area of the enforcement and recognition of foreign judgments in accordance with the Israeli Law and relevant treaties.

Wills and Inheritances – STR serves clients in drafting and depositing wills, probates and management of inheritances.

Arbitration and Mediation – STR encourages the use of arbitration and mediation alternatives (ADR) and represents parties in arbitration and mediation procedures in all aspects of commercial, business and labor and employment matters. In addition, STR partners often serve as mediators and arbitrators in complex disputes.

The firm provides its clients with a combination of multidisciplinary experience together with comprehensive litigation and ADR management skills. The clients benefit from a personal service specifically tailored to the client’s needs and are accompanied by STR’s Partners and Team at every stage and aspect of the litigation process.