Global Legal Services through IJ

Strikovsky &CO is the exclusive member of International Jurists (IJ), a chain
of leading law firms in 34 countries around the world providing together clients
with a comprehensive professional global service.
The long-term close relations among the IJ members enable the clients to
benefit from a full-service global platform in their international activities. The
team at STR accompanies the clients as needed in their contacts with the
respective overseas team, ensuring efficient and seamless service throughout
the various transaction stages.
Through the partners in the international chain STR is providing its clients with
legal services in a wide range of areas including export-import transactions,
real estate, commercial transactions, investments, litigation, enforcement of
foreign judgments and international dispute resolution.

 Legal Services in Israel to overseas clients

Strikovsky and CO, Law Firm, provides legal services to overseas private
investors and business with activities linked to Israel. STR regularly advises
international clients acting in Israel through a representative or an Israeli
incorporated entity and advises on the possible structure addressing both
business needs and regulatory requirements
Strikovsky & CO represents overseas clients, individuals or companies in a
variety of areas including:
· commercial transactions and Investments in Israel, in Start Ups and
Commercial Companies
· Real estate transactions
· Litigation and ADR
· Enforcement and recognition of foreign judgment in accordance with the
Israeli Law and bi lateral international treaties.
· Wills, trusts, inheritance and estate administration.

Our law firm represents foreign residents, companies and individuals in a variety of fields, including:

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